“Neal’s poetry never stops amazing me.”

Jade’s Bookshelf

“>Neal Pike is a poet, performer, theatre maker and workshop leader/facilitator and sometimes podcaster.

why do this? I do this because writing saved my life ive always been interested in words and performing but never had the confidence or was in the right places to do this when you are disabled its very easy to stay In your lane and be happy with that I do this to tell people you can perform you can right and im going to help you all my shows are relaxed performances

<span style="font-weight: 400" do I write about ? I write about the small details in life how families are normal to a point but absolutely not ,I write about disability I write about music about joy about sadness
He started writing in 2013 when he joined the Mouthy Poets based out of Nottingham Playhouse. He has since performed across the UK and internationally. His first collection of poetry, Identity Bike Ride came out in 2016 published by Big White Shed. His second book, currently untitled, has absolutely grown sentience and is annoyed that it isn’t out yet.

Neal and fellow Mouthy Poet, Matt Miller are currently working on Five Years commissioned by New Writing North. Written and performed by Neal and directed by Matt, Five Years is a theatre show about Neal’s time at a SEN school in 90’s Nottinghamshire. Their next show will be about music, because have you met those two?!

Neal runs the UK’s first disability writers collective called Tentacles commissioned by Unlimited and based at Nottingham Playhouse.  

Photography by Jei Ganiyeva