wrestle mania week blog


. yes its as mad as people have said in the past 9 shows in 5 days doesn’t seem like a lot on paper by the third show main even you are this is great but I am jaded

. you will stand up during johnny Gargano and adam cole and nearly crush your half empty plastic beer glass possibly swear a few times then exclaim it was the best match you’ve ever seen it was

. you will smile and laugh at the same time when you arrive at metlife with two of your best friends and keep saying to your self GUYS WE ARE HERE after the years of going one day will go to mania

. you will find it weird that two of favourite wrestlers of all time who you’ve see countless times infront of 700 people in a venue in Camden

. you will take of your shoe and wave it at a wrestler

. 20 year old Neal will shake his head at drinking a shot of jager with Kate nash while dancing to three lions 98

. you will go from ahh meeting Shinsuke nakamura will be fun TO OH MY GOD I AM MEETING A MAN RESPOSINSBLE FOR TWO OF THE BEST MATCHES OF ALL time ( nakamura v sami zayn nakamura v aj styles wrestlekingdom

. it will be the best week of your life like seriously


. you will see the new York rangers play awfully but you get to see the king in net

. you will have baron corbins entrance theme stuck in your for 24 hours

. you will scream at kofi Kingston winning and almost cry and get goosebumps
despite Daniel Bryan being an actual wizard


. you will be prepared to actually riot if becky lynch doesn’t win the title

. you will rewatch kofi and bryan and get goosebumps again

. you will never be able to full explain how much this week meant to you.

. hence this rambling list blog